Nutrition in the Critically Ill Child

Posted On 2021-04-30 10:07:03

This series on “Nutrition in the Critically Ill Child” is edited by:
- Sascha Verbruggen, MD, PhD, Department of Pediatric Surgery and Pediatrics, Intensive Care, ErasmusMC-Sophia Children’s Hospital, Rotterdam, The Netherlands;
- Lyvonne Tume, School of Health & Society, University of Salford, Macnhester UK M6 6PU and PICU Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool, UK; and
- Frederic Valla, Paediatric Intensive care Unit, Hôpital Femme Mère Enfant, Hospices Civils de Lyon, Lyon-Bron, France.

Where nutritional support is considered by some as a cornerstone for therapy during pediatric critical illness, others regard nutrition in critically ill children merely as supportive care. Etymological the word therapy originates from the Greek therapeia or Latin therapia meaning “curing” or “healing” and is an attempted remediation of sickness or illness. As a rule, a therapy should be capable of modifying short- and/or long-term clinical outcome of our patients, and thus has indications and contra-indications.

Nutrition as a therapy in the pediatric intensive care unit
Sascha Verbruggen, Lyvonne Tume, Frederic Valla

Review Article
Feed intolerance and postpyloric feeding in the critically ill child
María José Solana, Jesús López-Herce, Jorge López

Refeeding syndrome and other related issues in the paediatric intensive care unit
Luise V. Marino, Corinne Jotterand Chaparro, Clémence Moullet

Constipation in the critically ill child
Jorge López, María Jose Solana, Jesus López-Herce

Metabolic alterations in the critically ill child
Renán A. Orellana, Jorge A. Coss-Bu

Energy expenditure in critically ill children
Karlien Veldscholte, Koen Joosten, Corinne Jotterand Chaparro

Undernutrition in critically ill children
Yara Maria Franco Moreno, Julia Carvalho Ventura, Luna Dias de Almeida Oliveira, Taís Thomsen Silveira, Daniela Barbieri Hauschild

The impact of nutrition on clinical outcomes in the critically ill child
Luise V. Marino, Clémence Moullet, Corinne Jotterand Chaparro

Gastrointestinal function in critical illness—a complex interplay between the nervous and enteroendocrine systems
Enid E. Martinez, Alessio Fasano, Nilesh M. Mehta
Feeding the child with congenital heart disease: a narrative review
Joann Herridge, Anna Tedesco-Bruce, Seth Gray, Alejandro A. Floh

Muscle weakness and wasting in pediatric critical illness
Chengsi Ong, Jan Hau Lee, Zudin A. Puthucheary

The role of parenteral nutrition in paediatric critical care, and its consequences on recovery
Renate D. Eveleens, Sascha C. A. T. Verbruggen, Koen F. M. Joosten

Strategies to optimize enteral feeding and nutrition in the critically ill child
Sharon Y. Irving, Ben D. Albert, Nilesh M. Mehta, Vijay Srinivasan
The current state of knowledge and research required around nutrition in pediatric critical illness
Lyvonne N. Tume, Sascha C. A. T. Verbruggen, Frederic Valla

The series “Nutrition in the Critically Ill Child” was commissioned by the editorial office, Pediatric Medicine without any sponsorship or funding. Lyvonne N Tume, Frédéric Valla and Sascha Verbruggen are serving as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.